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The answer to that question is most likely to be 'no'.  So, if we place enough value on these material things to insure them, why do so many people not see the need to 'insure' their own or their loved-one's wellbeing with a telecare alarm?

A regular response we hear when out and about in the community promoting Lifeline is 'I don't need that yet...' Unfortunately, none of us know what is around the corner, and a Lifeline alarm - just like an insurance policy - can be there to protect if something untoward, like a fall, or sudden chest pains were to happen.  Sadly all too often people only decide to have a Lifeline installed in response, after the event.

For only £2.99 a week (less than 50p a day), you could insure your own safety and wellbeing so that if you needed emergency help at home, you can raise the alarm quickly, 24 hrs a day and we will respond effectively. 

Think about it.  Don't wait for something to happen.  Protect yourself now.


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