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With the emergency-response nature of our service, it is important for our customers and partners to know that we are continually assessed to ensure we maintain high standards.

We are proud members of, and annually inspected by the TSA (Telecare Services Association), who are the telecare industry’s regulators.

We have to meet targets around how quickly (and how well) we respond to calls, how we deal with faults and complaints, and many other criteria.

Below is an illustration of all the modules we are accredited to with the TSA.

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For a full breakdown of outcomes of our latest TSA audit, please click here.

Total Customer Satifisfaction

We also regularly seek feedback on the service we provide from our customers, to ensure we are meeting their expectations and to see if there are any areas we could improve on.

These are the results from our most recent surveys (Oct 2015):

98% of respondents rated Lifeline as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’white tick in green box

100% agreed that Lifeline is ‘good value for money’

98% agreed that the Lifeline service is ‘reliable’

100% agreed that the equipment is ‘easy to use’

99% (where applicable) agreed that Lifeline are ‘quick to deal with any problems I have’

100% (where applicable) were ‘happy with the action Lifeline took when I pressed in an emergency’

100% (where applicable) agreed that their calls were ‘answered promptly’

100% agreed that Lifeline’s telephone staff are ‘friendly and helpful’

100% agreed that Lifeline’s telephone staff are ‘professional’

93% agreed that Lifeline ‘keep them well informed about their news and services’

100% agreed that they would ‘recommend Lifeline to others’

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